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Every day in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we meet patients whose teeth are not as healthy and good looking as they were some time ago.

It is normal that over the years the health of teeth is being affected by lots of factors, for example such dental problems as grinding or bruxism, changes in chewing, daily habits of smoking tobacco or drinking coffee and others which damage and wear out the enamel. As a result, a tooth loses its colour, becomes yellow and also loses its natural age. In the majority of cases a tooth also breaks.

Thanks to the rejuvenation treatment that can be performed in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio, we can solve all the aesthetic problems and you will not have to worry about your dental health again. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful and healthy smile that not only makes you glow from happiness, but also makes you look much younger.

Steps during the treatment:

  1. Dental cleaning (scale and polish): we remove teeth stains and plaque that might interfere with the treatment.
  1. Dental whitening: we clarify the original colour several shades of teeth, by leaving them less sensitive.
  1. Visual study, dimensional and dental measurement: we have to thoroughly examine the characteristics of our patients and offer the best solution to them.
  1. Aesthetic contouring of dental pieces: we give a smooth, round and perfect tooth shape. Moreover, the tooth is healthy and young again!
  1. The high quality “Composite” dental fillings: during the same session, we reconstruct your smile by using the high quality “Composite” dental fillings. In that way we close the space between the teeth and recover their natural length.
  1. Hyaluronic acid: in case it is necessary, we inject hyaluronic acid to the upper part of lips.

Remember, that the first visit in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio does not cost you anything! It includes an exact diagnosis, a plan of treatment, digital radiography and a 3D scan of your mouth.


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