Dental Implants Abroad


Are you tired of living your live wearing a denture? having your dental implants abroad is the perfect solution for you.

Dental Implants are pure titanium structures placed directly into the jawbone where the natural roots were, offering a permanent fixed-tooth replacement upon which Crowns and Bridges may be fitted. You can even substitute the whole upper or lower teeth with only 4 specially placed implants in what is known as the All-on-four-technique.

Titanium is a biocompatible metal that is well tolerated by the human body. Millions dental implants have been implanted in the last 20 years, with a success rate over 98%, what makes them a tried-and-tested treatment that will greatly improve your quality of life, as you will recover not only the appearance, but also the solid feeling of natural teeth.

Dental Implants Abroad at Asensio Advanced Dentistry

Our doctors are trained to the highest standards and have a broad experience, with more than 5.000 dental implants performed; we have cutting edge facilities and we use the highest quality materials to give the best possible solution to your problem. We offer you low prices (45% to 70% cheaper than in the UK) and a lifetime guarantee of materials, so you can get the best value for your money.

After a personalized study, dr Lucia Asensio will place your dental implants in a brief intervention with very mild local anesthesia, as the micro-surgery needed is almost painless. She will insert the implant into a hole made to fit the dental implant and that does not require suture in most cases. It is a technique in which there is little or no subsequent discomfort and inflammation, and that can be done immediately after extraction of a sick tooth or root.

You will go home with new teeth the same day! With this provisional teeth you will be able to lead a normal life, including sports and eating solid food from day one.

After some months, when the gum has healed, you will have to return to have this provisional teeth substituted by your definitive teeth.

The initial consultation is completely FREE OF CHARGE and includes a FREE OPG X-Ray and the analysis of the state of the bone in your jaw to make you a personalized treatment plan. In the rare case that there is not sufficient bone or any other health problem that makes the standard implant procedure unsuitable for you arises, we will offer a solution for your case, as we are experts in treating specially difficult cases that have been rejected by other dentist.

We have the best 3D technology to offer you the most accurate solution to your problem: the Planmeca Promax 3D digital scanner and the 3M true definition intraoral scanner.

We use the highest quality dental implants from Noble Biocare and Klockner, what allows us to offer you a lifetime guarantee on the materials.

Dental Implants Abroad Prices

Implant Abutment220.00€
Implant Crown330.00€

Common implant restorations and costs involved

We will make a personalized plan for you if you need more than one implant and one or more associated bridges.

We can offer you a complete arch restoration with a cutting edge technique called ALL ON FOUR that uses only four implants, what makes it cheaper and faster. All the process (tooth extraction, cleaning, implants and temporary teeth adjustments) can be done in the same day and for only 8.000€ (including all necesary costs, that is: surgery with conscious sedation, impression taking, preparation of the teeth and temporary teeth, fitting and any adjustments necessary).

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