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When we talk about dental implants, one of the first things our customers wonder about is how long they will last before they need to have them replaced and repeat the entire process. This question usually stems from past experiences or misconceptions, since implants used to have a shorter lifespan than they do today. In addition, most people are under the impression that dental implants involve a very uncomfortable and complicated operation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Thanks to All-on-Four, a system of 4 dental implants, we can resolve both of these patient concerns.

On the one hand, our dental implants have a lifetime guarantee. What does that mean? It means we only use the latest dental implants, with the best materials and the best quality that exist in the market. This, combined with our specialized professionals who ensure the implants are placed in the best way possible, means that they will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, we can talk about the discomfort that the treatment entails. Contrary to what most patients believe, the All-on-Four dental implant treatment involves almost no discomfort, nor does it require that you spend much time in the Asensio dental clinic, nor is there a long recovery process afterwards. It is an innovative method, clinically proven in many dental clinics in the United States, which makes it possible to get a perfect smile that lasts a lifetime using only 4 implants.

The advantages of using 4 implants

This innovative treatment offers several advantages that are very beneficial to our patients, while maintaining the durability and reliability of traditional dental treatments.

Shorter recovery time: Because only 4 implants are used, the recovery time is minimal, much less than you might expect. In just one day, the patient leaves the clinic with their permanent teeth.

Lower cost for the patient: Since the treatment uses just 4 implants, obviously the price is more affordable, because less material is needed.